Product Development

We continuously develop new cooling unit solutions, and we modernise existing systems, according to the requirements of our customers. We also manage large, complete projects on a turnkey basis, with the help of our network of partners.
The backbone of our customer driven product development is accurate 3D modelling and simulation, which ensures the best possible results for each project. We work close to the factory environment and are able to quickly manufacture preliminary series in the product development stage, and seamlessly continue to serial production. Product documentation is constructed according to customer requirement as a part of the whole project.
Lumikko’s product development process method, tested by numerous demanding projects, delivers high quality, customer orientated solutions to an agreed timetable.

Automation and Programming

We also offer versatile services for the design, realisation and implementation of control systems for different environments. Exact temperature control directly affects customer comfort in air conditioning systems, and process functionality, equipment energy efficiency and lifespan in equipment cooling. The control system services are based on control modules, which have been tested in practice. By combining the modules, customer orientated solutions can be constructed, which utilise our automation planning expertise that has been acquired through decades of experience.
Remote control solutions enable us to monitor units over the net and thus we are able to offer support for the requirements of both trouble shooting and proactive maintenance.


We thoroughly test all our design and manufacturing systems to ensure a high-quality standard. Tests are broadly divided into power and routine tests at the factory and implementation and type testing at the customer’s location, which ensures the system achieves functionality and performance.
Testing provides us with up-to-date wireless data logging systems, which enables the monitoring of acquired test data and recording it when required, even remotely. A thorough routine test carried out on all serial products ensures flawlessness before delivery.

Maintenance Services

Lumikko Huoltopalvelut Oy is a part of the Lumikko Group. Our long history enables us to deliver our customers with the best skills in the country for the comprehensive maintenance in both wheel and rail units. Maintenance services help the implementation of products at the customer’s location and ensures the functionality of systems throughout the whole of their lifespan. Close co-operation with the factory offers a seamless interface to genuine usage situations, which can often be utilised in new product development.

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