Lumikko is an experienced partner and has installed HVAC-systems (Heating-, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) for rail vehicles for both renovation projects and new trains. Our strength lies in our customer-tailored products of the small and medium size series. In regard to renovation projects, the installation service forms an essential part of our total supply. In Finland, we offer lifetime customer support through our own maintenance network, and internationally, we have local co-operation partners.

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Passenger Cars and Driver Cabins

Lumikko delivers complete solutions for demanding passenger car ventilation. The frequently varying number of people in passenger cars and the changing environmental conditions set exceptional demands for ventilation and temperature control. The situation is managed by Lumikko Control system, which has been especially developed for rolling stock. Passenger cars must have a large air circulation, in changing conditions, delivered without the feeling of drafts, which would reduce travel comfort. The system must operate reliably at great speeds and eliminate the effects of environmental pressure shocks to the car. In addition to passenger car and driver cabin ventilation, Lumikko also supplies the duct systems, piping and heating components.

Technical information
 Passenger areaDriver's cabin
Cooling capacity 10-40kW2-5 kW
Sections2 1
Air volume3000-6000 m3 400-800m3
Weight900 kg150 kg
Pressure shock protectionYesYes
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Tram Cars and Driver Cabins

Lumikko has developed a unique brake-energy recovery system, which is the most efficient available on the market. It utilises brake-energy to heat cars with a high operating efficiency throughout the life cycle of the product. A modular tram car solution provides ventilation flexibly to different car combinations.

Technical information
 Passenger areaDriver's cabin 
Cooling capacity10-30 kW2-5 kW
Brake energy collectYes No
Air volume1000 - 3000 m3/h 400-800 m3/h
Weight400 kg90 kg
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Restaurant Car Central Cooling Unit

Lumikko’s restaurant carriage solutions include cooling equipment and units for the kitchen and serving area. The cold system can be provided in two different ways: by placing the cooling unit in a separate area and connecting it to the devices or by placing a cooling unit inside each device. Cost efficiency and the elimination of waste heat from units in kitchen areas are the greatest advantages of central cooling solutions.
Lumikko central cooling solutions are designed to be modular and appropriate for different types of car. The system is constructed from standard components and the structure has been designed to be maintenance friendly. Locations requiring daily maintenance are easily accessible.

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Duct systems

In addition to the duct system components Lumikko duct systems also include fixing devices, sensors and regulators, according to agreement. The insulated and pre-assembled ducts are made suitable for the customer’s assembly line. The air duct models we use enable the energy efficient transfer of large volumes of air in compact ceiling structures, both in one floor and two floored car solutions.


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